Natural Dog Food

Mort sat rocking in his chair on the porch and look down and his dog lying at his feet. They were enjoying another pleasant day together; one of many as Rocky, a Cocker Spaniel Labrador mix, was nearly fourteen years old. It was unusual for a dog to live that long, true, but Mort had taken very good care of Rocky from the time he was a pup. Shortly after he picked up Rocky from the pound, his neighbor, Frank, engaged him in a conversation about natural dog food. Mort was skeptical at first, it seemed like it wouldn’t make much difference, but curiosity got the best of him and he wanted to know more.


Frank explained to Mort that natural dog food was a natural option many people used to feed their beloved animals. On the extreme end of natural dog food, some people would actually feed their animals the same food they ate. Mort thought that was a bit on the edge and asked Frank what the big deal was about regular ole dog food. Frank told him that dog food had minimal regulations from the government as to what manufacturers could put in it. Cheaper dog foods contain much less nutrients and just like humans, dogs require antioxidants, vitamins and other essential supplements. Processed food contains so many preservatives it isn’t nearly as healthy as natural dog food.

natural dog foodMany people don’t realize how important good nutrition is for a dog and that the wrong types of dog food can actually cause them to be overweight. Like humans, dogs that are overweight may suffer from diabetes, back ailment, organ failure, or hip dysplasia. Overweight dogs also have less energy for exercise, which in turn can stifle their health and physical condition. Your dog may not be suffering from current health problems but natural dog food can still be beneficial in preventing health problems.

Most dog food brands claim to be “nutritionally complete,” but veterinarians will still recommend “premium” commercial brands over the grocery story bottom shelf variety. Premium brands are always on the higher end of nutritional value and offer more health benefits. Natural dog food offers the best quality of nutritional substances over non-organic, premium brands. Natural dog food is also more digestible and dogs are likely to absorb the nutrients and will eliminate less thus maintaining a healthy immune system. If you boost your dog’s immune system you may prevent costly infections and illnesses that may require medical attention.

Frank continued to explain the whole process and suddenly the potential benefits became very interesting as Mort enjoyed the companionship of his dog and wanted to keep him around as long as possible. Natural dog food is fresher and actually has a high nutrient content. True, it is a little more costly than commercial dog food and requires refrigeration or other preservation methods. But, dogs actually eat less food and when a dog is eating less food, he’s processing less which means less pick up of waste in the yard. Mort definitely thought that was a benefit.

Mort sipped his lemonade and looked down at Rocky. He smiled because Rocky had lived a good life and was still fairly agile. He wouldn’t have traded that for anything in the world. Rocky never had a choice in what types of nutrition he would get. He was completely reliant upon Mort, but fortunately for him, Mort cared enough to feed him what he needed. Mort thought he saw Rocky smile back. He definitely wagged his tail and that made Mort smile at him.

Tips on Finding the Best Dog Food

Many dog manufacturer’s might advertise themselves as carrying the best dog food. However, the truth is you’ll need to do your own research to find the best dog food for your dogs. If you simply take the manufacturer’s word on the nutritional content of your dog’s food, you could be very disappointed. In fact, many of the most popular dog foods use a vegetable filler protein like corn, rather than real meat ingredients. When you choose the right food for your dog, your dog will remain healthy, there will be less chance of them getting sick, and they will live a longer life.

Best Dog Food

A standard ratio that is considered healthy is a dog food that has a ratio of 50 percent meat and 50 percent vegetables. The best dog food does not contain grains, wheat, or other cheap and potentially sickness-causing fillers. Because labels on products seem to be misleading, you are urged to read the information on the packaging in detail to discover what the actual ingredients in the product are so you can ensure you’re getting the best dog food for your dogs.

Best Dog FoodBest Dog Food Generally, when you’re looking for the best dog food, look for pre-cooked chicken meal, lamb meal, or venison meal. Meal means that the meat from five pounds of the corresponding animal are cooked down to a pound; this creates a concentrated meat meal that is high in protein and flavorful. A good protein balance for an adult dog’s diet is around 26 percent protein, five to 15 percent crude fat, and around four percent of crude fiber.

In addition, there are also many dog foods that add multivitamins and minerals which are important when you’re looking for one of the best dog foods. Furthermore, depending on the specific dog food type, there are often antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients added to the dog food. However, with that said, there are some things that should be looked for to exclude when someone is choosing the best dog food.

best dry dog foodSome things that should be looked for in dog foods are grains. It’s best to try to avoid dog foods that have a high grain content. Many dog food manufacturers opt to add grain to their dog foods because it’s a good filler, and cuts down on the costs of protein. However, filler is just that, filler. It serves no dietary purposes for nutrition other than adding to waste bulk. Some evidence even claims that filler can lead to gastrointestinal problems, so it should be avoided.

If you prefer organic dog food, go that route. When you’re looking for a best dog food from this category, it’s normally referred to as holistic dog food since it’s made from all natural ingredients. If you prefer to cook your own dog food, you will need to perform some research on the types of foods that can be home cooked such as meats, vegetables, and sometimes even fruit. However, it’s important that you never feed your dog raisins, onions, garlic, sugar, salt, chocolate, or other foods that they may be allergic to. When you search for homemade dog food recipes, you’ll generally also find this information.

When you are making changes to your dog’s diet to find the right food for them, make sure you introduce new food slowly so they can adjust to the changes without getting sick. When you follow these tips, you should have no problem finding the best dog food that’s right for your dog. A healthy dog food will ensure your pet’s health and longevity which in turn means no worries for you.

dog food brands

All dog food brands are not created equal. Even within the collection of a specific brand of dog food, there are differences in the nutritional benefits of the food. Dog owners have a variety of dog food brands to select from. That makes it possible to find the food that best meets the nutritional requirement every type, age or size of dog.

dog food brands
Puppy food has more of the vitamins and nutrients that a growing puppy needs. A puppy also needs food that has a 30% protein content. Dry food is recommended for puppies because it is more beneficial to their dental health than moist food.

There are dog food brands that have a variety of food for adult dogs. There is a considerable price differentiation in these options. To lessen the confusion over which type of food to choose, check the ingredient label. If the first ingredient is not a meat product, the food will not provide the nutritional elements a dog needs. One of the most obvious differences in dog food brands is their pricing. The lesser expensive foods that are not nutritionally balanced may cost less, but the feeding chart will recommend a larger amount of food per feeding than the more expensive, healthier, well-balanced varieties. When calculating the cost per day, per dog or per feeding, this is an essential factor to consider.

Dog food brands that lack the ingredients that are essential to a dog’s health may be less expensive than the higher quality brands, but in the long term, the results of insufficient nutrition can result in veterinarian bills related to health issues resulting from improper nutrition. Higher priced, better quality dog food brands have the proper amount of protein a dog needs. Meat, such as chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, salmon and duck are their primary ingredient. Some of these foods contain probiotics. When high quality dog food brands do include grain in their food, it is grain that is organically grown. All-natural food is simply a healthier option for a dog of any age.

Among the vast array of dog food that is lined up on a grocery store aisle or pet section of a big box store, there are foods that claim to be designed to address specific problems such as food for an over weight dog. Feeding a dog a well-balanced, organic or wellness-focused dog food will eliminate issue of obesity. Feeding the proper amount of a food that meets the precise nutritional needs of a dog and giving it the exercise it needs, will eliminate the need to purchase a weight loss type of food.

Among the high quality dog food brands, there are foods designed specifically for certain situations. Dog food brands that have a dog’s health at the forefront of their concern, design specific products for puppies, adults, nursing females, small dogs, large breeds and seniors. Each type contains the ingredients that are appropriate for the dog it is designed for. The size of the pieces of food also correlate with the size and age of the dog.

Buying a higher priced, better quality food for a dog can actually be a more budget-friendly option. A healthy dog will only need routine veterinarian care instead of frequent visits to address health issues related to a poor diet. When fed an all-natural, well-balanced diet a dog will feel better. It’s coat will look better. It’s energy level and quality of life will be at its optimum.