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All dog food brands are not created equal. Even within the collection of a specific brand of dog food, there are differences in the nutritional benefits of the food. Dog owners have a variety of dog food brands to select from. That makes it possible to find the food that best meets the nutritional requirement every type, age or size of dog.

dog food brandsPuppy food has more of the vitamins and nutrients that a growing puppy needs. A puppy also needs food that has a 30% protein content. Dry food is recommended for puppies because it is more beneficial to their dental health than moist food.

There are dog food brands that have a variety of food for adult dogs. There is a considerable price differentiation in these options. To lessen the confusion over which type of food to choose, check the ingredient label. If the first ingredient is not a meat product, the food will not provide the nutritional elements a dog needs. One of the most obvious differences in dog food brands is their pricing. The lesser expensive foods that are not nutritionally balanced may cost less, but the feeding chart will recommend a larger amount of food per feeding than the more expensive, healthier, well-balanced varieties. When calculating the cost per day, per dog or per feeding, this is an essential factor to consider.

dog food brandsDog food brands that lack the ingredients that are essential to a dog's health may be less expensive than the higher quality brands, but in the long term, the results of insufficient nutrition can result in veterinarian bills related to health issues resulting from improper nutrition. Higher priced, better quality dog food brands have the proper amount of protein a dog needs. Meat, such as chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, salmon and duck are their primary ingredient. Some of these foods contain probiotics. When high quality dog food brands do include grain in their food, it is grain that is organically grown. All-natural food is simply a healthier option for a dog of any age.

Among the vast array of dog food that is lined up on a grocery store aisle or pet section of a big box store, there are foods that claim to be designed to address specific problems such as food for an over weight dog. Feeding a dog a well-balanced, organic or wellness-focused dog food will eliminate issue of obesity. Feeding the proper amount of a food that meets the precise nutritional needs of a dog and giving it the exercise it needs, will eliminate the need to purchase a weight loss type of food.

Among the high quality dog food brands, there are foods designed specifically for certain situations. Dog food brands that have a dog's health at the forefront of their concern, design specific products for puppies, adults, nursing females, small dogs, large breeds and seniors. Each type contains the ingredients that are appropriate for the dog it is designed for. The size of the pieces of food also correlate with the size and age of the dog.

dog food brands

Buying a higher priced, better quality food for a dog can actually be a more budget-friendly option. A healthy dog will only need routine veterinarian care instead of frequent visits to address health issues related to a poor diet. When fed an all-natural, well-balanced diet a dog will feel better. It's coat will look better. It's energy level and quality of life will be at its optimum.

Dog food brands